Monday, September 11, 2006

What's In My Thali?

As kids my sister and I were fascinated with a particular sort of steel plate- the ones with compartments, like the ones at our local dosa joint-Hotel Madras. In our childish minds these plates were thali's and every other kind of dinner plate was,well just a plate. At one point our parents even bought us a set of thali's and as far as I can rememeber that was the end of our fascination. At college I associated these plates with the insipid mess food but by then I had also figured out that a thali was the all inclusive meal one ordered at vegetarian restaurants when some one else was paying. As an intern in Vashi, a thali was what B and I shared at Navaratna Hotel because we could only afford one!

After moving to the US, I forgot all about the thali -that shiny steel plate with an array of small bowls overflowing with palate tingling tastes and textures. But six months ago the thali found its way back into my life. I was helping my mother with some shopping. We were in the market looking for some everyday steel utensils and these rectangular steel plates with compartments caught my attention. I just had to buy myself a set even though I knew that given our microwave centric lifestyle these plates would not find much use. And six months later I am happy I bought them, because every once in a while its really nice to set onself a thali and enjoy an unhurried meal. Just like tonight:

On my thali are two chappati's, rice, massor pappu charu, methi chicken, radish and potato curry and salad*. So what's on your thali?

I was thinking of making this into a meme but with so many memes going around I am a little sceptical about foisting yet another meme on some unsupecting soul. So if you want to write about your thali and its many fixin's then consider yourself tagged.

* Will post the recipes some other day

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Foodie's Hope said...

Your thali looks yummy!! Wish I could grab some!! I have quite a few thalis in my blog. Take a look if you like. Can't wait for the recipes!! Thanks!