Monday, August 21, 2006

The New Arrival

I finally got myself a proper cast iron pan last week.Thanks to craigslist I got this brand new, pre seasoned Emerilware grill pan for half the market price. I had been looking for one for quite sometime now but could not justify paying 25-30 dollars for a pan that I would use only occassionally. Besides maintaining a cast iron pan takes some effort in this age of non stick pots and pans. Then there is the weight issue, this smallish pan weighs seven pounds. I can do some light weight training with it. Anyways after cooking one meal I am throughly convinced that every kitchen needs one of these. For our first meal, we made grilled Tilapia fillets with a simple salad, steamed broccoli and a roasted corn and pepper soup. The corn soup came out of a box which came from Trader Joe's. Subhamoy livened it up a bit with some sauteed garlic,crushed pepper and cilantro.

The Tilapia fillets were marinated with lime juice and lime zest for one hour in the refrigerator. They were then generously seasoned on both sides with Cajun seasoning and grilled (about 4 minutes each side). Make sure the fish pieces are uniformly thin to begin with or you might be left with a slightly undercooked edge. Yikes!

The salad was a mish mash of cubed cucumber, cherry tomatoes, thinly sliced onions,a handful of canned chickpeas and some herbs (mainly mint and cilantro). It was tossed with a simple lime juice and maple syrup dressing and seasoned with salt and pepper.

We made the salad first and allowed it to sit in the refrigerator to let the various flavour develop. The fish had the nicely developed crust, the typical barbecue aroma and I also managed to get my first set of criss-cross grill marks.


Foodie's Hope said...

I have a electric George Foreman's grill which works perfect!Take a look at my satay chicken grilled in that. I like cast iron pans but it sticks a lot, have to use no-stick spray even if it is 'pre-seasoned' as they say!
I like your recipes, will be back!!

Anupama said...

Love your pan Aneysha. Does look very solid. And your meal was very wholesome i must say.