Thursday, August 10, 2006

How to Make Very Healthy Bread a Tad Unhealthy

Remove crusts from four slices of whole grain bread. Take the crusts, cut them up into cubes. Put the cubed crusts (to be made into croutons at some unspecified timein the future) in a ziploc bag and forget about it. Now, dice three to four sun dried tomato halves, mince a few basil leaves and thinly slice the white part of three spring onions. Spread cream cheese on all four slices. Top one slice with basil, green onions, sun dried tomato (as shown) and cover with remaining slice. Grill in a sandwich maker and enjoy. Moan and groan after polishing off the finished product and realising that there are no pictures of the grilled goodies. Also feel a little stupid about the fact that a dash of ground pepper would have taken the taste one notch higher. Not that we were complaining or anything.

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