Sunday, August 14, 2005

My Woes!

Sorry folks haven't posted an original recipe in a long time. But then, I've been in the middle of a move and so completely out of the kitchen. Now, if I may lend you some kitchen related advice (if you ignore this you will get yourself a recipe for disaster, as I did), as and when you are moving from one end of the country to the other (or to somewhere in the middle, as in my case) and you are employing a mover make sure that you do not ask them to pack in all your kitchen utensils. Thats exactly what I did.

I physically moved to MI on 8/1 and the movers still have not arrived. So I have been left with eating frozen TV dinners (the oven being my only cooking tool).

Yeah! Why don't I eat out? I am officially broke - at least till all my first pay cheque comes in and I start getting reimbursed for my moving expenses

Why don't I get myself a bare-bone kitchen utensil set? Heres my sad story. I don't have a car so I am yet to drive around this new town to find an appropriate place to buy utensils. However, yesterday I made an honest attempt. Looked up the map and trudged down a couple of miles to the nearby strip mall. But alas! I couldn't find a place where they sold utensils ... I was only looking for a saucepan.

However, I did hunt down a stainless steel bowl and a set of paper plates and plastic spoons so I can at least boil rice and dal.

Of course I still have to get off my computer and trudge to the grocery store so I can buy the stuff I need to boil.

Isn't it interesting, I made it a point to have the net up and running at home but completely goated out on the kitchen bit.


Mustang said...

How abt using ur "clothes" as tongs to flip parathas on the range as suggested somewhere??

Anyesha said...

Some things are not meant to be like cooking and yourself for example. Take this as a sign from the heavens above and invest in either of the following:
1. a good better half with exceptional culinary skils.
2. find some Kakima, Pishima or Mashima and wiggle your way into her heart. And before you know it she will be feeding you. It helps to find Kakima's, Pishima's and Mashima's whose children are away and it also helps to praise the food offered profusely.
3. make a robot capable of reading brain signals, deducing current moods and hunger levels and then cooking up a meal suitable to it.

Primalsoup said...

Hello hello. Came here via your comment on my Blog. And I see a cookery Blog? Wow! I never knew that Blogs had such versatile applications!

It also makes one appreciate the simple pleasures of having a mom cook for you every meal! :)

Amlan said...

@Primalsoup: I have a more official blog:
See you there soon.

@Anyesha: How about creating a robot that automatically takes care of the kitchen and cooks and has food ready for me at meal times. Eliminates the better half (I never figured why they use that) issue and also relieves me from the Mashima/Pishima/Kakima hunting and maintaining. (I am not Ishan!)

@Mustang: I would have duely considered your suggestion, if not for the fact that I had limited clothing resource since I had packed off all my clothes with the movers too. (I was literally living out of a handbag!!)

Anyway, folks my woes have come to an end... at least, somewhat! Because, you guessed it, the movers have arrived but only somewhat, because I think I never did pack in/never really did own any pots and pans... I thought I did. But anyway, one of the boxes did yield a small pan. So I'm mostly all set.