Thursday, August 04, 2005

My New Pot

Just because we have been so dormant on this forum, here's some news...I bought a new pot for myself. I had been feeling the need for a pot for some time now and then last week while making pasta the lack of a suitable vessel to boil water in really hit us hard (we just moved into our new place and our still setting it up- for those who did not know!!). Hence a trip was made to Bed Bath and Beyond and after much pondering we brought home our new pot - A Circulon hard anodized 3.5 quart pot with a handle. Have not used it yet. Will soon post a pic of it and also a recipe (maybe!!).


J. Alfred Prufrock said...

This is true devotion. I've heard of gun fanatics and anglers, but a chef who waxes eloquent about anodised pot/s is one for the record books.

A little tip - for tele bhaja, try mixing some doi in the batter.


Anyesha said...

I am actually quite in love with kitchen gadgets and this was but the tip of the iceberg. Thanks for the tele bhaja tip...will try to use it the next time we get down to frying up a batch.