Sunday, August 28, 2005

Herb chicken

I cooked this dish last night... if you like subtle tastes, you'll like this.

Bone less chicken slices (look for the chicken thats for stir frying)
Half an Onion
Minced Ginger (use your own measure)
Half-boiled Potatoes (3-4 minutes in the microwave)
Some plain yogurt
- Parsley
- Oregano
- Thyme
- Cumin seeds (a pinch)

A skillet. (Preferably something thats not non-stick... ideally a cast-iron skillet, adds to the taste and is also a healthier option. In its absence stick to a regular steel pan!!) + regular overhead.

Marinate the chicken in yogurt and nothing else

Heat a wee bit of olive oil in the pan... just to wet the surface. All the ingredients give out their own oil, so don't over kill on the grease. Thats also a very good reason to buy free-range corn fed farmed chicken... so you don't cook your food in artificial enzymes, growth hormones and unhappy energies.

Put in a pinch of cumin seeds and wait till they crackle.

Put in the mushroom, reduce the flame and sautee for about a minute.

Put in the finely chopped onions and shortly after add the ginger

Fry till the onions turn golden brown

Put in the herbs... typically I sprinkle generously. Use your judgement.

Add a wee bit water, becasue the herbs tend to rise... not too much water because you don't want to boil things yet.

Fry till things get a nice sauteed look

Put in the marinated chicken and half-boiled potatoes

Stir fry for a wee bit, till the chicken turns white.

Add water, turn the flame to medium and let the whole deal simmer... and add salt to taste

Let it simmer for a little while till the potatoes are done and the chicken is cooked.

Sprinkle some parsely, oregano and thyme and serve with rice or bread.



Mustang said...

Kindly explain following measures: wee bit, Some, shortly after, not too much, little while?

Looks like a great recipe...will try it sometime.

Another question- look for the chicken thats for stir frying- where can I find such a chicken...most chickens I've come across are against stir frying.

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