Friday, August 26, 2005

Good Food and Bus Stops

The morning was spent evaluating bus stop locations and signalized intersections for pedestrian safety with my colleague. Since we were in Takoma Park, we decided to drop by The Savory Cafe for lunch. Located in the heart of dowtown Takoma Park, the exterior belies this really sunny cafe's cavernous interiors (this is horrible grammar...but with an overfed belly who cares!!!). Now now, don't go trying to fit an elephant in there. Built on three levels it also has outdoor seating and for folks used to the quaint cramped neghbourhood cafes like us that translates to spacious with a capital S. The spread offered is simple but wholesome and the baked goods tempting. I tried their Southwestern sandwich on ciabatta bread (which was a bit on the spicy side) and a side salad. My colleague ordered a tuna salad with capers which unlike most places was more tuna and less goeey mayonnaise. The seating is very bistro-ish and the plates and bowls are colorful and kitschy....I really like places which do not give you color co-ordinated plates and bowls. I could not resist the temptation of buying an almond croissant for the boy. At 8 bucks per person it is also nice on the wallet. If you are in this region do stop by for some organic goodness.

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