Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Healthy Whole Wheat Muffins

I am one of those lazy people who love baking mixes. My favourite one right now is this. This weekend I experimented with the mix and the result was a batch of amazingly moist and lip smackingly flavourful muffins. I would have put in a picture of my lovelies but I did not have the right size cups, so my muffins looked a little lost in their oversized dresses...will have to wait for the next baking session.

Spice Apple Bran Muffin Mix: 2 cups
Over Ripe Banana - 1 (approximately 1 cup mashed)
Egg - 1
Apple Sauce - 1.5 cups
Water - 0.5 cups
Honey - 0.25 cups
Lemon Zest - 1 tablespoon
Walnuts/Pecans - 0.5 cup broken pieces.

Mix all the ingredients up...yes you heard right ( nothing fancy here!!). Pore into greased muffin cups and bake at 375F for about 15-20 minutes till done.

PS: You could also use any generic whole wheat flour, but just add some apple spice to it to get the same effect.


Subhamoy Pal said...

This calls for the Muffin Films.

alice said...

loved reading ur recipes...
best one is orange and ginger rice..i m gonna try that this weekend

alice said...

i have one too...
how to make delicious chicken in 10 min

wash the chicken chunks,put it in a cooker , pour some butter on it and sprinkle some salt, pepper and a big spoon full of lemon juice.

try it, tastes yumm..

Anyesha said...

Alice: Thanks, and will defintely try your chicken, never seen something so simple.