Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Pasta Dish with Indian Spices.

Amlan Mukherjee writes:
I tried to cook a pasta dish last night with Indian spices. Trader
sells a version that I have relished and was wondering if I could

Usually when I make pasta I use a prego alfredo/marinara sauce, but
yesterday I decided to use a pesto vinaigrette. It was a very nice
sauce and I augmented it and things turned out rather well. It did not
taste like the Trader Joe stuff, but instead had a very nice summery
to it. It definitely wasn't traditional italian, nor would you be able
guess the indian spices, but it was really interesting how everything
meshed together to form a rather subtle flavor. Try it out. I also
some baked red and green peppers and chicken drumsticks. Baked in a
marinade with a coating of sage, oregano and thyme. Heres the recipe
the pasta:


1. Mushrooms (about 15 of the small brown variety: a strain of the
Agaricus Bisporus family)
2. Panch Phoron - a pinch
3. 3 segments of garlic (chopped longitudinally and not too finely)
4. Half an onion (white: chopped longitudinally)
5. 1/4 tsp of cumin, correander and turmeric
6. A bottle of pesto vinaigrette (you can make it yourself if you are
particular about it (
7. Olive Oil (How much? figure it out)


A kitchen with a chopping board, knives and a deep cast iron skillet. I
have stopped using the non-stick stuff. Its way too toxic and cooking
non-stick vessels is far less involving than it is on a cast iron
skillet... and hey I don't mind the extra iron in my food.


Heat the olive oil and put in the garlic and let it fry a little.
As the garlic fries put in the panch phoron.
Turn the heat down a notch below medium and let them gently fry.
As they are almost done dump in the onions and let them fry till light
brown and slowly increase the heat.
Around this point put in the mushrooms and if necessary add a wee bit
more oil if its become too dry.
Soon the mushrooms will give out water and things will start getting
Keep the heat at medium and keep frying.
Add the correander, cumin and turmmeric.
Reduce heat and keep gently frying, be careful not to char.
In a couple of minutes pour in the pesto vinaigrette and you can wash
bottle with some water which you can add to the mix... or simply add
Increase the heat and let some of the water evaporate to the right
consistency (I like it medium dense)

Hopefuly by now your pasta is done boiling and draining (dont forget
olive oil and salt when boiling the pasta).

Mix the sauce with the pasta, gently.

I used one and a half packs of the shaped corkscrew pasta and had 6


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Amlan said...

Thanks Pal for posting that one for me.
Now I can post stuff up.